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Links to presentations made at Learning@School 2009 in Rotorua can be found here.

April 2 Sen Literacy Day with Sandy Harrop

March 22
Check out this link to 10 top ICT tools that can be used to improve your literacy programme and 10 tools to use and see what happens


Here is our sharing space for helping us to assist our students to improve their literacy skills.
This link is to a wiki on Digital Resources and Literacy. I think its worth checking it out

Please feel free to put your story up here

Today we worked with a group of 5-7 year olds on a combination of 4 photographs. These were cut out and in groups of 4 children manlipulated them to tell a story. The teacher is working on sequencing , positioning and creative language. Today they wrote captions to their photos.... to be continued.
Teachers comment was " students who often have difficulty starting to write were right into it."