Milestone 8 Data
We have been working on the NZC all year and have developed a pictoral poster representing this. Poster representing what the Key Competencies are also in all classrooms.
Written Language gas been our major focus this year. Staff and students have been involved in a range of literacy learning activities incoproprating e learning.Students are excited about the range of different activities they have been using and are happy to share their learning with each other and visitors.
Using question starters to remind children to think about what type of information they want and what type of question will be the best choice to get this information.
Children's published work has been bound into readers for the library corner. Each cover page is made using wordle using all the structural words associated with each genre. Kids love reading their own and each others work.

We used tournament charts and Y charts to help us understand what our values looked like, sounded like and felt like. From this we chose our favourite description .
Each child has a pocket on the class writing wall which they are responsible to update regularly. The stories are read by students as a part of the reading tumble and by visitors to the room.

Kids worked together on the data projector to collect prior knowledge about compost. Reading groups researched compost and made informative posters for the school using comic life.

During Maori language week students retold Maori legends and illustrated their work for display.

As a part of a procedural writing unit children made sock puppets and record step-by-step the method they used.
Questions that arise are recorded on the classroom Wonder Wall. These are reflected upon, researched and answered.
The Junior class have been working on using the 6 hats to improve their thinking.
Interest and further areas of inquiry continue to arise from the Junior Travel log. This unit has really extend how the students view the world and helped them to make many links to new learning.
Visual ways of displaying what the key comptencies look like.
There has been a real growth in the vocabulary used across the school in writing. This has developed through class brainstorms using templates, feedback through sharing circles and specific use of the langauge associated with each genre.
We have have major technical hitches in producing a finished episode of ATV however the learning along the way has been extremely valuable. Studnets, through interviewing have really developed their questioning skills and their ability to think on the spot has grown no end.
Clear pictures for students to associate with the Key Competencies

ATV ( Arohena TV) has been working hard to create their shows. Barriers of software and editting movies has been a huge deterant to establishing this project as part of their literacy programme. Students have been involved in the cluster Documentary Day and Making a TV show day.
Students first show (abridged) can be viewed at

Students voice after TV Show making day.

We also trialed with the local RTLit creating a digital story with a student and looking at the posibility of working online with this student on a daily basis now that the relationship betweenthe itinerant teacher and student was setablished. However a secure and relaible audio sauce could not be obtained
Hairy comes to Arohena
so the project was put on hold.