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This year one of our goals at Leamington Primary has been to raise student achievement in literacy through the use of ICT.
Here are some examples of how we are doing that...

From the senior literacy day at the end of Term 1, teachers used the tool of dividing a large piece of paper into sections and having children each write a line about a picture which is then pieced together to make a poem.

An example from Room 2 (Year 5/6)

From Learning at School, 2009 – Mrs Douglas in Room 4 (Year 5/6) has incorporated Karen Boyes’ Habits of Mind into her classroom. These are referred to frequently.

From the Innes Kennard workshop for junior classes, Room 12 has incorporated keyboard skills into their handwriting programme. They use old keyboards for practise at the table so children get used to the location of the keys. The students’ skills are then practised on the classroom and ICT room computers.
Room 12 (Year 0/1)
As part of our school focus on becoming confident with the PowerPoint programme, students in the senior classes have been using the Photo Album tool in PowerPoint to display photographs and write captions for the photos they have taken. As a result the students have become very confident in using this tool and have taken it further by adding backgrounds to make their printed displays more eye-catching.
Examples from Room 1 (Year 5/6) which are to be glued into student profile books.

Many senior and middle school classes have been using a graphing programme to display data collected during a statistics unit.
The programme Create a Graph
was added to the school Delicious site and has been used as a slightly easier introduction to graphing than Excel. However, Room 6 (Year 4) went on to use Excel for their graphing once they gained the basic skills. Although it is a maths programme, Create a Graph does require students to develop literacy skills through labelling, adding titles and through visual literacy (i.e. can they interpret the data on the graphs).


Room 9 have a class mascot called Tasman the Tiger. Each week Tasman “travels” to a different country or city. The students in the class are given clues as to where in the world he might be and they are to research these for homework to find the location. This is a great motivating activity for using research tools on the internet as well as email, as some students email Tasman from home.
Tasman Wall Display in Room 9 (Year 3)
From the Eric Frangenheim Teacher Only Day at the very beginning of the year, many teachers have used and displayed his Thinking Skills Framework chart prominently in the classroom and use this for planning purposes.
Wall display Room 3 (Year 5/6)

Several junior classes have produced digital stories using PowerPoint. These are printed out into class readers. The teacher or ICT Lead Teacher has taken photos of the students and then captions are written as part of a shared writing activity. The next step will be for children to take their own photos and create their own digital stories.

Examples of the front covers of digital stories by Room 14 (Year 1), Room 16 (Reception) and Room 15 (Year 2).

As part of our school focus on up-skilling teachers as well as students in Microsoft Word, many classes have been creating posters using a variety of functions. Children have been practising opening a new document, adding a title with Word Art, inserting a border, copying and pasting pictures from the internet and adding a speech bubble with appropriate text.

Pirate Poster from Room 8 (Year 3)

After attending a Wailite workshop on Clay Animations at Wharepapa South School, Janet in Room 2 used this idea as a group reading activity. This was highly successful with even the lowest readers in the class being able to full participate by reading, discussing, creating, composing and writing. The general feedback from the class was that it was really enjoyable and something they would definitely like to do again.
A selection of slides from the clay animations story by three children in Room 2 (Year 5/6)

Margaret Lelieveld in Room 6 (Year 4) has a class blog up and running. There is a link directly to this from her class page on the school website. Children are required to add to this on a regular basis.
View blog at

Alana Baker in Room 15 (Year 2) has recently constructed her own class blog and she is currently working out ways to best incorporate this in her class programme as a tool to share what is happening in the class.


As our programme of choice in the junior school is Kidpix, all junior classes have been using this programme to enhance oral, reading and writing skills. Sallyanne McNicholl (Year 1) has recently had her children creating slideshows and importing movies as well as pictures into it.

Other junior classes used Kidpix to create displays related to the topic (Life Cycle of a Butterfly) earlier in the year.

The draw and fill options in Kidpix are a fantastic way for junior children to develop their fine motor skills and practise using the mouse in a controlled manner.