Link to Pg 2 ‚Äč for Milestone 8 Data

After using photos to improve vocab here is a story written by a 9 yr old student.
The Yucky Dead Fish
Fish skeleton

Do you see me dead on the shore?
Well this is how I died....
with the waves crashing, the stormsmashing and the loud swaking.
Thats when I knew danger was ahead of me.
So I tried to swim away but with the wind blowing and the sounds of breaking bones I started to shiver.
By the time the birds landed on me I knew I was going to be gobbled up by two greedy birds had an extremely exciting feats out of me.
The sand wa soggy, slippery, mucky and squishy.
They werent sharing, they were greedy.
They ate all of my raw meat and they broke off all of my bones.
I am really sad.
You have heard my story .That is the end of my life.