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Our Learning Intentions included:
We are learning to read longer and more complex stories.
We are learning that stories can be related to our personal experiences.

In Room 2 we have been using our projector to help with shared reading. Mrs Gibbes and the children take photos and we add the story to go with it. We can also use the powerpoint stories at reading time when we work at the computers independently. This story was linked to a visit by Constable Debbie and Ruben the Road Safety Bear.

In Room 2, we also like to make our own books for Reading and sharing. Our teacher lets us use the Digital camera to take "action" shots. Sometimes, we need to come up with our own sentences for the books.

Literacy Powerpoint Year 3 & 4

Power Point Presentation: After Pauline visited our school and gave me some great ideas, I decided to try one out. The boys in my room love reading I Spy books so I decided to use that to my advantage. The children decided that they wanted to create an I spy book for the junior children at our school. They wanted to focus on beginning sounds, chunks, blends and word endings. We kept a book for our room too, and they love it :)

I spy book made for Junoir school to help them with their writing.

Pic 1 : In room 3 we are learning to find chunks and words inside martian words to help us gain confidence in spelling and reading. In this photo we have typed up our own martian words and laminated them. At literacy choosing time the children can pull the words off the wall and using a whiteboard markers find all the chunks and words that they know to help them read their martian word.

Martian Words

After using a Y chart to help describe their favourite toy students wrote the following.

Blue Nose

Student evaluation of personal writing

In Room 1 (Yr 0/1)a Y chart was used to introduce the children to new vocabularyY_chart_on_Autumn.JPG


Yr 0/1 also make up an alphabet book focusing on a letter a week. Students volunteer to take the digital camera and search for pictures beginning with the letter sound to contribute to this book. Students refer to book for getting words when writing and reading.